Vastu For 3 BHK Flats: What Consideration You Need To Make?

Vastu For 3 BHK Flats

If you live in a big city, you’ll have to make do with a lot less room than you would in the suburbs. For this you need to know vastu for 3 BHK flats if you intend to purchase or rent a three-bedroom home.

Make sure to look at the proximity of the septic system, water storage sump, and principal gates before making an offer on the house. Before you buy a property, make sure you contact a top-notch residential vastu expert for advice. Don’t purchase a house without consulting a Vastu expert beforehand.

In the distant past, cavemen lived in isolation. For protection against wild creatures in the latter stages of their development, people-built dwellings out of wood, bamboo, and the leaves of trees. The main difference between then and now is that we have to worry about robbers, while people had to worry about animals in the past. This is why employing a  vastu consultant to design any home or apartment is so important.

Limiting the number of walls in a ground-floor residence increases its favourable power. After construction is complete, customising the layout or arrangement of rooms in a flat is more difficult. You’ll need to make certain alterations and repairs to use the principles of vastu for 3 BHK flats in your house. This is why it’s important to employ Vastu principles while looking for a place to rent or buy.

To get the best outcomes, keep an eye on the layout and consult experts of vastu for 3 BHK flats. Numerous inhabitants will have major problems due to the spaces’ uneven design and structure.

Avoid buying or renting an apartment which has a kitchen towards the north or north-east direction. This is absolutely wrong and proves harmful to the residents.

Vastu’s Advice For The Entryway Of A Home

If you’re assessing a building’s layout or architecture, the first thing you should look at is whether or not it has a welcoming entrance. For the whole family, the entryway bears the key to bringing optimism and joy.

You may use basic solutions of vastu for 3 BHK flats even if you don’t have a Vastu-compliant entry to your home or flat. Avoid an apartment which has the main door towards the South-West direction of the house.

The Proper Orientation of A Room In Terms Of Vastu

To get the most out of a room, you must place it in its best position.

For example, a living room in the east zone is perfect for fostering and deepening interpersonal ties. On the other hand, vastu for 3 BHK flats advises against placing a bedroom between the east and southeast. Sleeping in these zones, according to Vastu, increases stress and conflict with one’s partner.

Rooms For Children

The optimal place for a child’s bedroom is in the east of north east or west of south-west direction. There should be ample of daylight and windows. This guarantee that your children’s room is well-lit.

Vastu-Compliant Kitchens In Condominiums

A flat’s overall Vastu relies heavily on the kitchen. Before making an offer on a home, you should check to see whether the kitchen complies with Vastu.

There is a connection between the kitchen and fire, one of nature’s basic building blocks (Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire). Proper location and construction are essential in today’s world since they symbolise cash flow. According to vastu for 3 BHK flats, the South-East or South orientation is the best direction for a kitchen in a house.

However, if you don’t have access to the South-east, you may also use West direction with remedies & Vastu treatment, as the second best auspicious kitchen directions.

Keep a marble slab beneath the gas burner, according to Vastu experts. Make sure that the stone is neither blue nor black. Facing does not matter when cooking, the location of gas stove matters the most.

The southern wall of the kitchen is the proper location for cabinetry. Nowadays, a mixer grinder is a must-have technological device.

Apartment complexes with lawns are a good investment option. Lawns are an excellent method to bring Vastu to a property since they provide greenery and optimism to the area. Decorate your gorgeous environment with the proper plants and placements.

Ensure There Are Enough Doors for Energy Transfer

Consider the number of doors and windows in the apartment before signing a lease. They’ll also assist you in getting rid of all the negative energy that has built up in your house over time.


Vastu Advice On Choosing A Hue For The Walls Of A Home

Colour plays an important role in achieving a harmonious balance between these elements as each hue represents a different ingredient. As a result, there are serious consequences for one’s health if there is an unbalanced colour spectrum. Colour Vastu recommendations for flats include   Read also about; carpets in dubai

  • The ‘vastu for 3 BHK flats’ recommends painting walls with natural hues rather than manufactured ones
  • According to the following instructions, the colours listed below are suitable for painting the walls of an apartment
  • Grey, white and blue hues of the north
  • East is brown, beige, and green
  • South-eastern and Southern Hemispheres: Pale pink to orange to crimson to maroon.
  • Grey, silver, and golden tones in the west

Many individuals opt for a fully furnished apartment with their hectic schedules and budgets.

The most important vastu for 3 BHK flats guidelines while building a home or a flat is to determine the house’s orientation before beginning construction. There are four cardinal points and four corner points to a home’s orientation. An old science or handbook, Vaastu Shastra for a flat, indicates where certain objects or idols are placed.

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