National Register of Citizens different? Here’s everything that you need to know

Citizenship is not just national identity but it has become a matter of security for people residing in India. After all, it is all about one’s identity in the country. The passing of the Citizenship amendment act has made the national register of Citizens mandatory to reshape the country’s future by fixing the historic blunders that are made earlier. 

The implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has brought a huge change in the northeastern state of Assam. The citizens’ registry has become a matter of concern for most people. However, most people are not aware of what NRC is all about even if they feel panic

Now what Exactly NRC means? 

NRC is the official record that explains who are the legal citizens of India. This National Register of Citizens includes demographic information about all the citizens, who qualify as a citizen of India under the citizenship act. 

Why NRC is updated in Assam

The list of Indian citizens in the state is covered by the National Register of Citizens. The national register of Citizens offers a clear cut idea on who can be an Indian citizen. With the increasing number of illegal immigrants, the resources and security of the local public in Assam were in danger. To protect the economy of our own land and boost security, the implementation of the National Register of Citizenship in Assam, it tends to get necessary to implement NRC in the state. 

Who stands to lose? 

NRC focuses on and is meant to illegal immigrants in India. According to the National Register of Citizens, citizenship of the migrants, who are from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Won’t be affected only if immigrants are Hindu, Sikh, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, and Parsis. However, the Muslims coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh will be affected, as they are not included in the citizenship amendment act. 

Summing Up

India takes in refugees in a time of emergency. The illegal migration of refugees had become major trouble for the nation. This results in carrying out the NRC in Assam to reduce the troubles caused by refugees. The implementation of NRC in Assam is indeed a great step to fight the major issues that cause harm to the economy of the country. Of course, no Indian will be sent out of the country. The NRC is meant to make sure no person from the minority community will face injustice. Obviously, the reason behind this is to identify Indians in Assam. In fact, there are many more to know about NRC. Now, stay tuned and get more updates on the national register of Citizens.

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