Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Top Places, Month and Season Complete Guide

Travelling is the most common passion among a massive quantity of ordinary folks. Apart from money, travelling always needs proper planning. To visit somewhere at an unfair time may waste your money and expectations. Therefore, it’s better to take a break at an ideal time when your expectations can be fulfilled. The ‘heavenly place’, Kashmir is the dream destination for most of the inhabitants of this planet. Are you eager to know the best time to visit Kashmir? Check out this article at the end.

About Kashmir

Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Complete Guide, Top Places, Month, Season

Kashmir is for the most part a sloping terrain with shallow valleys and steep slopes. The Himalayan low-lying regions of the jungle and the Pir Panjal Range of the Lesser Himalayas divide the lower Jammu and Punch fields southwest from the largest, most productive, and the most populous Kashmir Vale in the north. The valley, 5,300 feet above sea level, is the headwaters of the Jhelum River and is home to the city of Srinagar. Jammu and the valley is part of the Indian-controlled Kashmir, although the Punch swamps are a large part of Azad Kashmir.

Know Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Complete Guide, Top Places, Month, Season
Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Time fiddles a vital stance in the course of tours and travels. As Kashmir is compressed with natural refinement, there is a great rush among travelers to stop in Kashmir. ‘Heaven of Earth’ is the phrase that is conveyed to Kashmir and the credit goes to Mughal Empire, Jahangir. If you’re excited to infer the perfect time to roam around Kashmir, then this article is worthy for you.

As per the constraint of the weather, Summer is proclaimed as the best season to visit Kashmir. Spring is also a modest season to hike in Kashmir and to relish its glamour. However, winter is quite apprehensive for a vast number of people because of the extremely low temperature.

March to MayApproximately 20° to 30°CDelicate and mild warmth
June to September15° to 30°CCloudy and rainy
October to November10° to 20°CCold
November to February2° to 9°CIntense cold

Let’s Clarify The Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Complete Guide, Top Places, Month, Season

Kashmir Tour In The Summer Season:-

  • Temperature: If the temperature becomes decent, you can prowl to Kashmir without any hassle. The temperature in Summer stays between 20° to 30°C.
  • Climate: The weather in Summer in Kashmir never makes you depressed. It’s a little warm in the daytime. However, sweating or sun stock due to scorching heat is beyond imagination. You just require the ceiling fans while you’re inside the rooms. After sunset, it starts to cool down.
  • Importance: Every spouse can make their soulmate joyous forever by taking them on a Kashmir tour. In a word, Kashmir is the fantasy of every single couple for their honeymoon. The natural gleam of Kashmir never shall be faded away. And the craze among the traveler lovers to attend Kashmir in the summertime will never be end. The greed to ride on Sikhara Lake on the crystal clear water of Dal Lake is the dream activity of every ordinary folk in Summer. Even you can be able to follow the lifestyle of the residents of the lake. If you wish, then you’re permitted to stay on the houseboats. It’ll be the best experience in your life.
  • Why It’s The Best Season?: You may hear the bane of Mughal Garden which flourishes in the Summer time only. First of all, the summer will be the best to get the floral beauty of that garden here. Secondly, Most pilgrims prefer to go to Amarnath Yatra at this time. If your heart will call, then can join the pilgrims in the holy pilgrimage. Sonamarg, Pahalgam, etc. Are some notable spots that only sparkle in Summer’s blessing.
  • Things To Check Before Visiting: As Summer is the best season for visiting Kashmir, there will be a big crowd in the hotels. Book your hotel in advance. Check the prices because the prices will be high in this peak season. It’s the best time to bring the turnover in their economy. So from the tickets for flights to the fare of autos, everything is so high.
  • Valuable Tips: The Summer season in Kashmir can be warm, yet it can likewise be freezing in the nights and around evening time. To be awkward in the climate, carry some comfortable attire with you, like cloaks, coats, suppressors, gloves, and socks. During the day, remember to apply sunscreen and lip ointment to keep away from an excruciating encounter from dry skin. At the point when you’re here, try to taste the genuine Kashmiri wazwan feasting experience.

Kashmir Tour In The Time Of Monsoon:-

Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Complete Guide, Top Places, Month, Season
Best Time To Visit Kashmir
  • Temperature: Because of cloudy sky or shower, the temperature of Kashmir in this particular time falls down to 15°C. The maximum temperature is 30°C.
  • Climate: The climate of Kashmir in the monsoon season becomes cool in the monsoon. Especially, you feel comfortable in the lap of Jammu, as the heat of summer leaves Jammu for periodically. Srinagar prevails enough cool in this time. Though all the spots of Kashmir are not equally cool. Because rain doesn’t scatter equally around Kashmir.
  • Importance: It’s quite odd to roam around Kashmir in the season monsoon. As due to rainfall, the travelers may be stuck in their hotel rooms, so most of the people ignore this season for travelling. On the other hand, the monsoon occurs as a romantic season for the newly married couple. A delightful outing in the rain with the green beauty is such a great experience for a life.
  • Why It’s Suitable Season?: As monsoon is affirmed as the off-season, the number of visitors is less than the other seasons. For this, the hotels offer exciting discounts. The flight tickets and the vehicle fares become reasonable. Ordinary folk can afford a luxury hotel within their budget.
  • Things To Check Before Visiting: There is a broad fear about monsoon whether the traveler can explore the charm of Kashmir or not. Due to heavy showers, their plan may be massacred. In that case, you need to check the weather report again and again before setting your feet on the ground of Kashmir. Every single place indeed has not to suffer from rainfall at the same time. So make a list of those places and can arrange a trip.
  • Valuable Tips: Precautions are always better than prevention. Though you can arrange your trip to save yourself from the rain, still, it’s better to keep an umbrella, raincoat, necessary clothes, and jackets with you. The temperature can suddenly drop. Boots are preferable to wear at this time.

Kashmir Your In The Time Of Winter:-

Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Complete Guide, Top Places, Month, Season
  • Temperature: The name of the season is enough to indicate that how much temperature can be in Kashmir. The lowest temperature can be 0°C. And the maximum temperature rises at 15°C only.
  • Climate: Winter makes the entire Kashmir substantial cold. The nights can shake you because of its bitter cold. If the temperature plunges at 0°C, you will be lucky to get snowy climate around you. In Sonmarg, Srinagar the snowfall is common in this moment. But Jammu is not colder than these places. The weather is moderate here.
  • Importance: Most of the time, it’s forbidden to visit Kashmir for the tourists. As the temperature becomes too low, the tourists may unable to adopt the coldest weather. But if you have a great desire to adore yourself under the vast blue sky with the chunks of frost. Then this time is the best. Sonmarg becomes too much glamorous in winter. Gulmarg also prospers its magnificence in this season. So the tourists rush towards Sonmarg and Gulmarg mostly in winter.
  • Why One Can Attend Kashmir In Winter?: Jammu is a little bit warmer than Srinagar. But in Srinagar, the coldness obeys no restriction. Therefore, it’s difficult to stay in this place for the outsider people. Still, the extreme elegance of Srinagar in this particular season is just spell-bound. On the other side, Gulmarg also gets glowing more in the frosty season. The range, Pir Panjal is finely decorated with the chains of frost which is so eye-catching presence.
  • Things To Check Before Visiting: The exciting activities like boat riding or Sikhara riding attending the royal garden ‘Mughal Garden’ are prohibited in winter. But you can capture the essence of natural refinement through your camera. Check out the prices of hotel rooms. In winter the prices are a little bit higher than during the monsoon. Even, the cars or taxis which are needed to hire for going sight scenes will charge high. The flight tickets will also be increased.
  • Valuable Tips: Winter is the season of exaggerated cold. As a traveller or the non-residential person, you must have to carry some necessary things like heavy jackets, mufflers, caps, boots, gloves, and hot drinks with you. Carry some essential medicines too.
Best Time To Visit Kashmir | Complete Guide, Top Places, Month, Season
Best Time To Visit Kashmir


Hope this article will help you to arrange your dream tour to Kashmir at the right time. Follow the given tips. The tips will assist you to make your trip expensive for you.

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